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The Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, founded in 1960, aims to publish high quality and original research papers in philosophical logic, mathematical logic, and related areas, including papers of compelling historical interest. The Journal is also willing to selectively publish expository articles on important current topics of interest as well as book reviews.

The Journal also publishes occasional special and focused issues. A few examples are: Volume 30, Number 3, 1989, on logical content, form, and constants; The 50th Anniversary Issue, Volume 51, Number 1, 2010, which has a mixture of philosophical and mathematical themes; Volume 54, Numbers 2-3, 2013, Recent Developments in Model Theory, which includes papers by prominent model theorists as well as prominent mathematicians in number theory and algebraic geometry; Volume 56, Number 1, 2015 on Set Theory and Higher-Order Logic, which includes both foundational and mathematical contributions by leading logicians.

NDJFL is an Open Archive journal. At Project Euclid, NDJFL volumes more than five years old are available free to the public.

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In memoriam

The Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic announces with sadness the passing of Notre Dame Professor and NDJFL co-editor Michael “Mic” Detlefsen on October 21, 2019. A memorial notice from the University of Notre Dame is available here.