Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic

The Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic provides a forum where researchers
working in all areas of logic and the foundations of mathematics
can read and publish original and significant work.

Michael Detlefsen and Anand Pillay, Editors

Claire E. Shely, Business Manager


Editorial Board

Peter Aczel
Timothy Bays
Patricia Blanchette
Peter Cholak
Barbara Csima
Kosta Došen
Melvin Fitting
Curtis Franks
Su Gao

Warren Goldfarb
Itay Kaplan
Julia Knight
Michael J. Kremer
Paul Larson
Penelope Maddy
David E. Marker
Timothy McCarthy
Vann McGee

Colin McLarty
Daniel Nolan
Michael Rathjen
Greg Restall
Stewart Shapiro
Sergei Starchenko
Jouko Väänänen
Albert Visser
Timothy Williamson

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Online with Project Euclid
NDJFL is an Open Archive journal.
At Project Euclid, NDJFL volumes more than
five years old are available free to the public.

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