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Guide to Authors

To submit manuscripts, please visit Register to use Editorial Manager by entering your name and e-mail address. Editorial Manager will then guide you through the submission process; there is a tutorial if you need additional assistance.

Manuscripts must be submitted in pdf. The NDJFL uses blind (math) and double-blind (philosophy) review. Papers should be in a form that facilitates this process (displays/does not display author name). You may be asked to reload your manuscript if the editors deem it necessary to have your name added or deleted. If accepted for publication, manuscripts will be typeset to conform to the NDJFL's style.

The NDJFL requires manuscripts be created in LaTeX with \documentclass{ndjflart} or, as an alternative, {amsart} because they can be processed more quickly, minimizing the time between acceptance and appearance. See NDJFL's Typesetting page for the NDJFL's style guide and \documentclass{ndjflart}.

Manuscripts must include an abstract of no more than 150 words, one or more keywords which describe the paper, and 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification codes.

Page proofs are sent to authors for correction of errors produced in composition. Special composition costs arising from an author's revision of the text in proof may be charged to the author. Authors receive five complimentary copies of the full issue and can order reprints/covers through Sheridan Reprints.

Manuscripts submitted for publication must be the original work of the author. The author must have the legal authority to assign all rights in that work. The submitting author must warrant that all coauthors have given their express approval to be listed as authors and to have the work submitted for publication. The author(s) must warrant that all necessary permissions have been secured for content that is not original and that all persons cited as sources of personal communication have given their permission for such citation.

The author(s) must warrant that the same work has not been and will not be submitted for publication elsewhere or published elsewhere unless and until the NDJFL has given notice that it will not publish the work.

Full versions of important papers that have previously been published in conference proceedings are eligible for publication provided that the submitted paper extends the prepublication in a significant way. In such cases, when authors submit a paper for publication in the NDJFL they are required to provide a precise reference to the prepublication and to explain the extent to which the submission differs from the conference version.

The authors further warrant that they have taken proper care in ensuring that the work is true in fact, that it does not contain defamatory or illegal content, and that it does not infringe upon the rights of others. Authors will be asked to sign a publication agreement with the NDJFL and Duke University Press so that the authors and publishers may be protected from misuse of copyrighted material.

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