NDJFL Editorial Board

The table below shows the areas of interest for each of our editorial board members. To submit manuscripts, please visit www.editorialmanager.com/ndjfl/. Register to use Editorial Manager by entering your name and e-mail. Editorial Manager will then guide you through the submission process; there is a tutorial if you need additional assistance. You will be asked in the submission process to choose an area for your submission. Do not send papers to individual editors.


Areas of Interest

Michael DetlefsenPhilosophical Logic: Philosophy of
Mathematics, Proof Theory
Anand PillayMathematical Logic: Model Theory


Areas of Review

Peter AczelMathematical Logic: Constructive Mathematics, Foundations of Mathematics, Dependent Type Theories
John BaldwinMathematical Logic: Model Theory
Timothy Bays

Philosophy of Mathematics
Philosophy of Model Theory
Philosophy of Set Theory

Patrick BlackburnApplied Logic: Modal Logic, Logic and Natural Language, Logic and Computation
Patricia BlanchettePhilosophical Logic: Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics
Sam Buss

Mathematical Logic: Complexity Theory, Theories of Arithmetic, Proof Theory

Peter Cholak Mathematical Logic: Computability Theory
Barbara Csima Mathematical Logic: Computability Theory
Kosta DošenPhilosophical Logic: Proof Theory, Categorical Logic, Substructural Logics
Melvin FittingPhilosophical Logic: Theory of Truth, Modal Logic, Knowledge Representation
Curtis Franks

Philosophical Logic: Proof Theory, History of Logic, Substructural Logics

Su GaoMathematical Logic:
Robert Goldblatt Mathematical Logic: Modal Logic, Algebraic Logic
Warren GoldfarbPhilosophical Logic: Proof Theory, Provability Logic, Early Analytic Philosophy (Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, Carnap)
Julia Knight Computabile Structure Theory
Michael J. KremerPhilosophical Logic: Paradoxes, Modality, Truth, Formal Semantics, History of Logic (esp. Peirce, Frege, Russell, Wittgenstein, Carnap)
Paul LarsonMathematical Logic:
Penelope MaddyPhilosophical Logic: Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics
David E. MarkerMathematical Logic: Model Theory, Descriptive Set Theory
Timothy McCarthyPhilosophical Logic: Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Logic, and Metamathematics of Number Theory
Vann McGeePhilosophical Logic: Provability Logic, Semantical Paradoxes, Vagueness, Conditionals
Colin McLartyPhilosophical Logic: Philosophy and History of Mathematics, Foundation of Mathematics, Philosophy of Logic, Categorical Logic
Michael Rathjen Proof theory, constructivism,  type theory, Intuitionistic, weak and alternative set theories
Greg RestallPhilosophical Logic: Substructural Logic, Modal Logic, Constructive Logic, Philosophy of Logic
Stewart ShapiroPhilosophical Logic: Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Language, Epistemic Logic, Vagueness
Sergei StarchenkoMathematical Logic: Model Theory
Jouko VäänänenMathematical Logic: Model Theoretic Logics, Generalized Quantifiers, Infinitary Logic, Finite Model Theory, Set-theoretic Model Theory, Set Theory
Albert VisserPhilosophical Logic: Provability Logic, Dynamic Logic, Intuitionist Logic
Timothy WilliamsonPhilosophical Logic: Philosophy of Logic

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